Wednesday, April 11, 2007

04/11/07 - General Update

My right hand still doesn't work well, but the previous delay in updates dragged-on due in-part to treatments, visitations, and writer's block. I plan on doing a better job going forward. Also, I will go back and update other posts. I guess this will be one time it is good that hindsight is 20/20.

I am lucky that the bulk of my current issues have to do with nerves and mechanical abilities. I believe that I still have almost all of my memories and mental abilities. I feel these statements carry more importance because I have met and befriended people that weren't as lucky.

My current status is as follows:
  1. Walking - I try to avoid walking with a cane, but my walking is still unstable.
  2. Treatment - I am in Phase 2 of chemo. I have updated the Phase 2 post.
  3. Computers - I still "don't like" PCs, but I have been checking Email more often, and I plan on spreading this to the blog...